Brand Marketing

Uso de la publicidad para construir una imagen y un valor a un producto, servicio o compañía de la cual los clientes desean ser parte de algo, en términos de marketing, el deseo de ser leal.

Marketing dictionary. 2013.

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  • Brand engagement — is a term loosely used to describe the process of forming an attachment (emotional and rational) between a person and a brand. It comprises one aspect of brand management. What makes the topic complex is that brand engagement is partly created by …   Wikipedia

  • brand — /brænd/ noun a make of product, which can be recognised by a name or by a design ● the top selling brands of toothpaste ● The company is launching a new brand of soap. ▪▪▪ ‘…the multiple brought the price down to £2.49 in some stores. We had not… …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • brand manager — /brænd mænɪdʒə/ noun the manager or executive responsible for the marketing of a particular brand ● The brand manager and the production manager met to discuss changes to be made to the company’s leading brand of soap …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • brand switching — / brænd ˌswɪtʃɪŋ/ noun the practice of changing from buying one brand to another, showing little brand loyalty ● We can’t rely on steady sales with such a lot of brand switching going on. ● Brand switching makes shopping more fun for consumers …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • brand awareness — / brænd əˌweənəs/ noun consciousness by the public of a brand’s existence and qualities ● How can you talk about brand awareness when most people don’t even know what the product is supposed to do? ● Our sales staff must work harder to increase… …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • brand building — / brænd ˌbɪldɪŋ/, brand development / brænd dɪˌveləpmənt/ noun the expansion of the total awareness and sales of a brand in a given market …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • brand positioning — /brænd pə zɪʃ(ə)nɪŋ/ noun the practice of placing a brand in a particular position in the market, so that it is recognisable to the public ● Intensive television advertising is a key part of our brand positioning strategy. (NOTE: also called… …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • brand X — /brænd eks/ noun the anonymous brand used in TV commercials to compare with the named brand being advertised …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • brand champion — / brænd ˌtʃrempiən/ noun an executive who is passionate about a brand and promotes it vigorously worldwide …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • brand development index — /ˌbrænd dɪ veləpmənt ɪnˌdeks/ noun an index that compares the percentage of a brand’s total sales in a given market to the percentage of the total population in the market. Abbr BDI …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • brand equity — / brænd ˌekwɪti/ noun the extra value brought to a product by being a brand, both value as seen by the customer as well as financial value to the company …   Marketing dictionary in english

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